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Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis Walkthrough [Longplay]
Longplay. Hard Mode. Imported SourceNext FMVs*. (* aka cutscenes are taken from a Japanese 2006 PC re-release) The graphics: http://tinyurl.com/whythegraphicsarebetter This video is a longplay walkthrough, which means that most of the items will be taken and most places visited. No rushing. No aiming at super high rank. FAQ: Q: What platform is this? A: PC. Q: Why are you so slow? I can beat this game under an hour! A: This is a longplay with no rushing. It was intended to be that way. 1 hour runs are called "speedruns". Q: Why does the game/cutscenes look so good? A: Because It's the PC release recorded at proper resolution. The cutscenes are take from SourceNext 2006 PC re-release (Japan-only). Those cutscenes were completely re-rendered. Q: Why didn't you mix gun powder together? A: Because I was preparing to create enhanced ammo. Q: Why didn't you use enhanced ammo on new gun/shotgun? A: Because enhanced ammo can only be used with old gun/shotgun. Q: Why didn't you pick up /some item/ at /some place/. A: Because I forgot. Can't keep in mind 100% of the game. Q: Why aren't there any live commentary on this video? A: Because IMO comments should be made by a person who knows how to say smart, relevant and witty stuff. And most importantly he has to be funny. In most cases these requirements aren't met. And I'm not even mentioning people with bad pronunciation. Q: Why didn't YOU attempt to comment? At least even after the video is done you could dub it on, no? A: I'm bad at commenting. I concentrate only on 1 thing. If I do both I could most likely fail at both. Also, I also prefer to watch non-com. walkthroughs myself. Q: Why didn't you merge gun powder with grenade launcher ammo? A: Because I didn't want to. Q: What difficulty is this? A: Hard. Solid proof is that Nemesis is dropping "presents". Q: Why is the video in a square? A: Because this is the original aspect ratio and I will not stretch my videos. Ever. Q: Why isn't my question here? A: If it will be asked and I'll feel like answering... It'll appear here. Things that you may also like: Resident Evil Jill Walkthrough (No Damage) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp1mWA5o0CfSRuIxkZGP8CPvdIF6qCuVH Resident Evil - Director's Cut DualShock Version Walkthrough (No Damage) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL44D5A1151DDD3607 Resident Evil 2 - Normal - Rank A Walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23FC93CC9E108A58&feature=view_all Resident Evil: Survivor Walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp1mWA5o0CfTZquf1EjUAWEg-vpw6D3YW Resident Evil 6 No Hope Walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp1mWA5o0CfRpApOxC0FYGTnGfNIqj8_m Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp1mWA5o0CfRLNSb2YPzFQTSm-7sGViBf
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis) [Longplay]
Played and recorded by: NTom64 - - - Played and recorded by: NTom64 - - - Some time after stopping Dr. Eggman once again, Sonic the Hedgehog grows restless, deciding to do what he does best - travel the world, looking for adventure. Climbing into his trusty biplane, the red-and-white Tornado, the blue hedgehog begins flying the skies, looking for places unknown. On nothing more than an impulse, Sonic decides to land on an unassuming island, called West Side Island. Deciding to kick back and explore the isle, Sonic is completely oblivious to the legend connected to the island, and the similarities it has in relation to his adventures on South Island. According to legend, there was once a great and prosperous people who lived on its shores, who achieved their greatness through the use of mysterious, powerful stones. Their peace could have been everlasting if not for a select few who desired to use the stones for their own selfish gains, causing the gods to take away the stones and hide them away on the island... A few days after landing, Sonic realized that he was being followed by someone. Looking behind him, Sonic spotted a young fox, who immediately hid from the blue hedgehog when he looked his way. Not thinking much of it, Sonic ran off, the fox once again following. The young fox's given name, Miles Prower, was overshadowed by his nickname, "Tails," derived from the fact that he possessed not one but two tails behind him. Often being ridiculed by his peers, "Tails" outlook on life changed immediately once he spotted Sonic running around his home, deciding that he had to follow and emulate his new hero, wanting to be just as cool and confident. No matter where Sonic would go, Miles would try and follow, Sonic eventually accepting the near-constant trailing of the young fox. Not long after, during a brief moment when "Tails" was exploring the beaches of West Side on his own, he came across the Tornado, glittering in the sun. Spotting it in the distance, he became extremely excited, running as fast as he could towards it. Engrossed in its design, he wondered who the plane belonged to. He didn't have to wait too long when, out of the corner of his eye, the fox spotted the distinct image of Sonic, taking a nap under one of the wings. This newfound knowledge was not given much time to process in "Tails" mind when suddenly a loud explosion echoed through the air, shocking Sonic awake. Looking beyond the Emerald Hill Zone, a large pillar of fire could be seen, accompanied by a new, yet familiar, army of mechanical robots. It only took a second for Sonic to guess who had caused the explosion, cursing Eggman's name and running into the thick of it. Without hesitation, Miles Prower followed behind, knowing that he had to be right at Sonic's side. His laugh echoing in the wind, Eggman couldn't help but gloat over his newest plan, being grateful for having the foresight to follow Sonic to West Side Island. Learning of the legend of the island, Eggman came to the realization that the legendary stones talked of could only be the Chaos Emeralds, this island being the true resting place of not only the six from before, but of a seventh as well. Once again wanting the emeralds for himself, Eggman plans on using them to power his latest creation, the Death Egg, a flying fortress orbiting the planet with the potential to be his greatest weapon. With the desire to rule the world fueling the mad doctor, he prepares to once again engage with his greatest enemy, the one force that could possibly spoil his plans. "The stage is set. Now it's time for you to bring the curtain to a close on this adventure once and for all!"
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Game Boy Advance Longplay [021] Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
http://www.longplays.org PLayed by: Tsunao Maybe I am giving the Xbox 360 D-Pad too much hate. I keep saying "I'm going to use the DS D-Pad.", and yet, I am still using the 360 D-Pad, XD 3rd Metroidvania game on the GBA. FOllow the story of Soma, an ordinary high school student, who goes to a castle and learns about his skill of dominance. Oh, and Batman is dead. Permanently. CotM was hard. HoD was easy (TOO easy). AoS is just right. The game uses the good ol' SotN formula. It also plays a bit TOO much like SotN (Soma can use all sorts of weapons.) The game also has a system called the Tactical Soul System, where you assign 3 type of souls (Bullet aka Up+Attack; Guardian, use by holding R; and Enhance, which activates automatically), Mix and match for a favorite setup. Game info thingamabob: standard ol' 100% map playthrough on Hard Mode (used a save that had clear data). I did do one of me going through the game, but I decided "Why not 100% soul?". So...started over, made a VBA movie file (rerecording FTW), and took it from there. I probably won't do Dawn of Sorrow 100% souls. It is a pain. Hard Mode also gives access to Silver Gun, Death's Sickle, Death's Robe, Tear of Blood, and Kaiser Knuckles. Decided to throw in all 3 endings (defeating Maharg without equipping specific souls, getting Game Over at final boss, and..well, the True Ending). Jumping and backdashing will be abused to hell and back. Jumping is to cancel attack animation (for those that can be cancelled, like the majority of short swords and Claimh Solais) and going up slopes. Backdash is used to also cancel attack animations. From there, I can do another jump or use a Bullet Soul. Mix them together for high damage output (jump attack-ground attack-backdash-jump attack~). Some stuff: I decided to take the "backdoor" to the Underground Reservoir (from the entrance near the Floating Garden). This way, I can quickly enter the Forbidden Area (enter by using Curly, Manticore, or Devil Soul to get past the waterfall) and get the super-powerful Claimh Solais (arguably the best damn weapon in the game.) From there, I hardly switch weapons (I switch on Suiluj because he resists Holy. Gungner is where it's at.) Also, near the end, I missed out on two rooms, the passage from Reservoir-Castle Gate Merman room, and one room in the Clock Tower. =_= After I get 100% souls, I go back to pick up the Chaos Ring, which pretty much grants infinite MP. WIth that said, Red Minotaur + Lubicant = broken game. Trick of the trade: Luck manipulation: The RNG in this game is meh. I had to look around the interwebz to figure it out...sorta. Found info on what address to look at. Basic RNG manipulation is caused by attacking with weapon, backdashing, and using Guardian Soul. However, some enemies, attacks, and areas scramble the hell out of the RNG (Catoblepas, Creaking SKull fireball attack, and the tub in the Arena to name a few). For some enemies, I go through the RNG by attacking the air and spamming Flying Armor (or other Guardian Souls) until I get the soul to come out. For some more other enemies, I do a grind of 5 or so kills (it isn't that bad) in hopes of getting a soul. Others I get without any effort. LOL So...if I am spamming a Guardian Soul and attacking without killing, I am going through the RNG. Fun fact: Legion soul is missable. Don't destroy the 4 outer shells and kiss that awesome soul goodbye. Sky Fish can only be obtained by using Chronomage soul. Mandragora can be obtained by killing it when it is above surface before it screams. Fun fact 2: English errors: Curly (Kali), Lubicant (Rubicant), Skula (Scylla), Skull Millione (Scarmiglione), Ronginus' Spear (Longinus' Spear), Zombie Officer soul (you can recover from damage animation in midair by pressing the jump button), Sherman Ring, Gungner? (Gungnir), mid-jump o_o, lid-jump. XD
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