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This game is a bomberman-like, but instead of blowing up monsters with bombs, you have to trap them in chest and throw the chest on magic socket (symbolize by a key) to get money and bonuses from them. The goal is to capture all the monsters to go to the next maze.
Click on the game or press [Space] then [Enter] to start the game.
Use the arrows to move the princess.
Press [ X ] to fire (the projectile will freeze the monster for few seconds, allowing you to escape).
If you are next to a chest, pressing [ X ] will make the princess take the chest, and by pressing [ X ] again she will throw them in the direction she is facing. And any monsters on the path of the chest will be trap in it.
Press [ C ] to launch a special attack that will freeze all enemies around you. These attacks are limited in number. You can gain additional attack by catching the bonus represented by a lightning.
Lightning : give you an additional special attack.
Clock : will freeze all the monsters.
Big coin : 10000 points bonus.
When you have trapped one or more monsters in a chest, you have only few seconds to throw the chest on a magic socket, otherwise the monsters will escape and you will have to trap them again.
The arrows on the floor will modify the trajectory of the chest if it touch it.
Credits : This game has been ported from the game made by East Technology (1991).