Karian X Cross

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Karian X Cross is a puzzle game with very attractive graphics.
Story :
Karian-fantastic, a peaceful kingdom …
One day a certain named Rancerot appeared in the kingdom. Rancerot wish to occupy the kingdom and many soldiers crowded around the kingdom at the suggestion of Rancerot.
Rancerot say that he will walk away if someone defeats him.
8 fighters joined for the peace of the kingdom and the last fighter will have to fight an d defeat Rancerot.
How to play :
This is an original falling-pieces puzzle game similar to “Puyo Puyo”. Get 3 like-colored objects together to make them disappear. Getting multiple combinations causes more blocks to fall on your opponents side.
Match 3 blobs by connecting them and they will disappear. These blocks will move to your opponent screens as frozen ones.
Frozen blobs return to their original form when you match more blobs around them.
Each character has a different gameplay.
Use the arrows to move the block.
Press [ X ] to rotate the block.
Credits : Ported from Deniam original game


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