Switch Longplay [008] Sonic Mania Plus (Part 1 of 3) Sonic and Tails

   Mi Canal


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Played by: Spazbo4

I originally got the collector's edition for this game on PS4 but decided to buy the regular game for Nintendo Switch since there is no other portable version of the game released

First part is with Sonic and Tails as I collect all 7 chaos emeralds within the first 2 stages and try to get all of the gold coins from the blue sphere stages, I already had a few of those coins before I started this longplay so some of those stages are not shown in this longplay

The second part is with Knuckles as I go through the stages and collect the emeralds and skip the sphere stages since there is no point in doing them after I already did them all in the previous part

I do not do a Tails only run this time unlike my PS4 longplay of the same game because there are no level differences between it and Sonic and Tails, as for playing with Knuckles there are a couple of changes for example the act 2 boss in the Lava Reef Zone is completely different for Knuckles and Act 1 of Marage Saloon Zone is also completely different