Star Fox 64 - Complete 100% Walkthrough - All Routes, All Medals (Longplay)

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This is a complete 100% walkthrough (longplay) of Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64 in full 1080p HD. The entire game is shown in this one single video. I play through the game three times and go through all three routes, all fifteen levels, and obtain every single medal in the game. The three routes include the Easy Route (Blue Route), the Medium Route (Yellow Route), and the Hard Route (Red Route).

To get all the medals, you must shoot down the required amount of enemies that the level you are playing demands and all of your teammates must survive. If just one teammate goes down, you lose the medal for the level you are currently playing and for the next level as well. Obtaining all the medals will unlock the expert mode for the game.

Now in some levels you will see that I don’t get the medal but remember, this this game has multiple routes so therefore it is impossible to see every level in the game in just one playthrough. Therefore, it is required that you play the game three times in order to play through every level and obtain every medal, get 100%, and unlock Expert mode. This also means I will be playing some levels more than once so if I do not get the medal in a certain level, I will get it on the next run of that level. There will be three levels that I will play through twice and one level that I will play through three times, however there may be some differences between the runs on those same levels. And if you do not want to deal with the repetitiveness of the video there will be annotations to skip repeated levels.

This is not a speedrun or a score-run. This is just a regular playthrough that showcases the game and how to obtain the medals. The playthroughs of the medium and hard routes are raw and unedited. However, the easy route is edited and contains two splices throughout.

Since this video is an entire game in a single video, there are time-stamps below so you can skip to a specific route or level. The scores required to obtain the medal are also listed next the all the levels. Most levels have two timestamps, the first timestamp is the intro cutscene, and the second timestamp jumps straight to the gameplay.

Easy Route (Blue):
Intro – 0:00
Prologue – 2:17
Level Select – 3:30
1) Corneria (150) – 3:44 or 5:02
2) Meteo (200) – 9:06 or 9:53
3) Fortuna (50) – 17:01 or 17:26
4) Sector X (150) – 21:32 or 22:02
5) Titania (150) – 27:42 or 28:20
6) Bolse (150) – 34:31 or 34:59
7) Venom 1 (200) – 38:56
Credits – 45:53
Ranking – 51:20

Medium Route (Yellow):
Intro – 52:34
Prologue – 54:50
Level Select – 56:03
1) Corneria (150) – 56:16 or 57:35
2) Meteo (200) – 1:01:40 or 1:02:28
3) Katina (150) – 1:08:36 or 1:09:03
4) Solar (100) – 1:15:44 or 1:16:26
5) Macbeth (150) – 1:20:47 or 1:21:15
6) Bolse (150) – 1:27:20 or 1:27:49
7) Venom 1 (200) – 1:31:48
Credits – 1:38:41
Ranking – 1:44:09

Hard Route (Red):
Intro – 1:45:03
Prologue – 1:47:21
Level Select – 1:48:32
1) Corneria (150) – 1:48:48 or 1:50:07
2) Sector Y (150) – 1:54:52 or 1:55:30
3) Aquas (150) – 2:01:17 or 2:02:04
4) Zoness (250) – 2:09:49 or 2:10:13
5) Sector Z (100) – 2:16:43 or 2:17:29
6) Area 6 (300) – 2:23:05 or 2:23:43
7) Venom 2 (200) – 2:30:22
Credits – 2:37:12
Ranking – 2:42:40

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