Sonic Unleashed (HD) playthrough ~Longplay~

   Mi Canal


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This is a playthrough of Sonic Unleashed for the Xbox 360. (timestamps below)

Thought I'd put this up as a longplay too given the Unleashed Wii one's became so popular.

In this playthrough I've inserted runs of the action stages played on a completed save file with both Sonic and the Werehog's stats maxed out. This is in the interest of keeping the pace up.

After having replayed both this year, I have to say I much prefer Unwiished to UnHDshed. The latter may have better production value, but it's bogged down by unnecessary filler like having to collect medals to unlock levels and visiting hub worlds.

For me Sonic Unleashed is a case of missed potential... or maybe ruined potential? The story hits the perfect tone for Sonic, the presentation is nice (bar the unacceptable performance issues) and the day levels have a great sense of speed, but the Werehog is a horrible idea from conception. It, and the other flaws, far overshadow the positives the game has to offer.

0:00:30 Opening Cutscene
0:14:09 Windmill Isle Day
0:19:48 Windmill Isle Night
0:27:06 Tornado Defense 1
0:35:50 Savannah Citadel Night
0:50:30 Savannah Citadel Day
0:53:26 Mazuri Boss - Day - Egg Beetle
1:00:10 Cool Edge Day
1:07:01 Rooftop Run Night
1:22:16 Dragon Road Night
1:26:06 Chun-nan Boss - Night - Dark Gaia Phoenix
1:37:45 Rooftop Run Day
1:43:51 Dragon Road Day
1:49:52 Spagonia Boss - Day - Egg Devil Ray
1:53:53 Cool Edge Night
2:06:51 Holoska Boss - Night - Dark Moray
2:16:50 Skyscraper Scamper Night
2:27:21 Arid Sands Day
2:33:16 Skyscraper Scamper Day
2:37:30 Arid Sands Night
2:45:20 Shamar Boss - Night - Dark Guardian
2:51:43 Jungle Joyride Night
2:58:58 Jungle Joyride Day
3:05:20 Adabat Boss - Day - Egg Lancer
3:15:44 Tornado Defense 2
3:22:40 Eggmanland
3:44:23 Eggmanland Boss - Night - Egg Dragoon
3:48:34 Dark Gaia Intro
3:51:25 Eggmanland Boss - Day - Dark Gaia
3:59:48 Perfect Dark Gaia Intro
4:02:28 Final Boss - Perfect Dark Gaia
4:12:09 Credits


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