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SHN Rating for Resident Evil : Code Veronica X ★★★★★

Resident Evil The Official Timeline Part #9!
ased On "Resident Evil Recollections" The real Capcom confirmed Timeline !

After narrowly survivng the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire Redfield now seeks clues in search of her missing brother, Chris. Flesh-eating Zombies, horrific beasts and even stranger mutations haunt her every move. Just how far does this twisted conspiracy extend?
What is Umbrella really up to? And who is behind the bio-tech terror?
To her horror, she discovers Umbrellas insidious activities are not isolated to the remote, mid-western city. No. Something much larger is going on here

Played on : PS3 HD remaster @ 720p
Difficulty: Normal
Developer: Capcom
Released: February 3, 2000 (Initial Release)
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