PSX Longplay [362] Grand Theft Auto - (Part 1 of 3)

   Mi Canal


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Played by: Mad-Matt

This is a playstation port of the 1997 pc game Grand Theft Auto by Visual Sciences. The pc version was a special release as it was quite a different game that what we were used to playing at the time. The port to playstation had to sacrifice some elements in order to fit like train rides and especially frame rate. Trafic is also very sparce and it doesn't seem to be possible to get into big cop chases in this version.

Being such an icon of a game I went in with the intent of showing everything the game has but it didn't take long to realise the game has not ages well at all and is in fact quite a chore and boring to play with little or no reward for doing so. Bak when it came out, most people didn't bother with the missions and just played it as a free roaming game causing as much havoc as possible and getting into police chases. Playing the missions becomes a chore as they are all the same! Go to A, Kill B, Steal C, return To A, then go and find next mission.

For the first map I set out to show all missions and secrets (Kill Frenzys) This took so long I gave up on this idea and just stuck to showing all missions and any kill frenzy I happen to come across. Once in San Andreas, the missions take forever and the game is slowing to a crawl at this point and I just didn't know where any of the secret missions were so I just show all the normal phone missions. Once we get to vice city I again show all missions and try to find all secret missions, but cant find the last one on the first vice city map.

Completing each map is in no way optimal as I usually follow the arrow which takes me all over the place. There are plenty of bugs in the game resulting in game crashes which was annoying to overcome. If you see me doing anything strange it might be I was trying to avoid the red screen of death. I left one of these errors in on the second map. I had to fail that mission in order to advance. There was a huge memory hole in that map I had to avoid in order to progress which ment driving around it.

I went in wanting to enjoy this classic game which I had not finished before, and ended up hating the whole thing by the end. it was just to damn long although to be honest, you wouldn't normally play every mission and would exit the level as soon as you had enough points so maybe would be nearly as long as this video makes out. Also the game is not that rewarding with only a 30 second clip at the end of each level, and no real intro or ending sequence to look forward to.

Part 1: Liberty City
00:00:00 Gangsta Bang
00:42:48 Heist Almighty