PC Longplay [355] Street Fighter X Mega Man

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Played by: xRavenXP

Street Fighter x Mega Man is a platform game, created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Mega Man franchise and is a free game for PC.

Developed by Seo Fan Zong Hui (Singapore), and with support from the Capcom, the game has gameplay and graphics in the style of the classic Mega Man series, but the stages and bosses are based on scenarios and fighters from the Street Fighter series .
On January 18 launched an update of the game, which is based on feedback from players on the official forum of Capcom. Street Fighter X Mega Man; Ver.2 features several bug fixes, including passwords, and also a new secret boss (though Capcom has left implicit is that the fighter Sagat, through a trailer).

This longplay is a version 2 of the game (includes passwords, i used a code to get more tanks and i use all around the game...), a difficult, with short stages but very good game.

Blanka's stage: 00:56
Rose's stage: 05:34
Rolento's stage: 10:19
Urien's stage: 13:30
Ryu's stage: 18:03
Chun-Li's stage: 24:24
C. Viper's: 27:51
Dhalsin's stage: 32:43
Balrog's stage: 39:18
Vega's stage: 40:37
Boss Rush: 44:48
Final Stage (M.Bison): 52:49