Nintendo DS Longplay [022] Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

   Mi Canal


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Played by: Tsunao

I would've totally cropped the top screen, since there's nothing going on up there, but I have to comply by the rules. LOL

More like Metroidvania. Said to be the toughest Metroidvania game out there, and I agree (Circle of the Moon has to be the 2nd hardest). Don't get me started on a clean Hard Mode (Althier Hard Mode Level 1 isn't fun). Unlike the other Metroidvania games, this one uses a "stage" format progress, so it is quite linear (others had you figuring out where to go).

Starting with the basic info: this is a 100% Map Rate playthrough on Normal difficulty. This includes the Best Ending and clearing the hellish optional areas: Training Hall (one big obstacle course) and Large Caverns (a gauntlet with tough enemies). I do uncover MOST of the hidden chests (I missed the one at Ecclesia. It requires the Volaticus Glyph. It is in a corner.). I also get the boss medals from every boss (it requires not taking any damage. Easier said than done). Technically, I do get Batman's Medal, though I don't show it in the video (load file after game completion. Chest will appear at the final save point)

Some things I don't do: villager requests (insanely low drop rate for fetch missions), getting Glyphs that drop, especially Melio variants (once again, insanely low drop rate. =_=), and getting other items that require a special condition (Justice Ring in Monastery and Fortune Ring in Mystery Manor comes to mind. Strength Ring is an exception, since it doesn't require something hard: defeating the Tin Man. Macir Glyph Union FTW).

Gameplay stuff: I will be jumping and backdashing A LOT! Jumping is to avoid attack "recovery" and going up slopes, and this isn't even a speedrun. Backdashing is to stop Glyph Union animations (noticable for element-weapon Unions) and attack "recovery". For the last few bosses at Batman's Castle, I had to go cheap, especially Eligor. It takes friggin' forever to beat Eligor (and hard to get the medal), so I opted for some Redire+Magnes and Laser Sword+Dominus Agony shenanigans. Dunno if using a Death Ring is cheap, but since I am getting the medals, why not? I also got sloppy as soon as I got Redire (I find it quicker to get around). It is noticable at the Mechanical Tower. Oh, and Nitesco FTW

Basic story in a nutshell: Girl loses memories, girl chases a guy, girl fights a guy.