NES Longplay [596] Hudson's Adventure Island

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Played by: Reinc

In the South Pacific, Master Higgins lives peacefully wearing only a grass skirt and a cap. That is until the King Quiller (a.k.a. Evil Witch Doctor) decides to capture Master Higgins's favorite lady, Princess Leilani, and hold her as his own. It's up to Master Higgins to rescue the Princess and to gather throwing axes, fireballs and skateboards in order to aid his noble quest of rescue.

Hudson's Adventure Island, known in Japan as Takahashi Meijin no Boken Jima ("Master Takahashi's Adventure Island" ), also known simply as Adventure Island, is a side-scrolling platform game produced by Hudson Soft. Master Higgins moves across the screen from left to right and finds his power-ups in giant eggs. This includes a skateboard which gives a great speed enhancement - until Master Higgins gets hit and loses his power. When he is not on a skateboard a hit means instant death. Another game mechanic is starvation which is indicated by a meter which steadily decreases. If it hits zero, the hero dies and the only way to fill it up is by collecting food on the way. At the end of each 4th level are bosses, all of which look and act the same, but with ever-increasing speed and stamina.

Adventure Island is an adaptation of the arcade game Wonder Boy, originally published by Sega for developer Escape (now known as Westone Bit Entertainment). Adventure Island was followed by a series of sequels that were independently developed by Hudson Soft.


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