NES Longplay [039] Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

   Mi Canal


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Played By: BimmyLee83

Nice platformer based on those loveable tiny detectives from the animated TV series. The plot follows the typical "animated kid's show to video game" pattern by having the female protagonist (Gadget) kidnapped and sending the two rescue critters out on a mission to save her and defeat the evil Fat Cat.

One of the things about this game I remember best was the annoyingly catchy music (the theme song has undoubtedly been permanently etched into my head), but what I had forgotten about it was how addictive throwing barrels, giant apples, and crates was. Any object you pick up, you can throw left, right, or straight up and you can also duck under many objects for cover. It all gives the game a layer of strategy when you have multiple enemies on-screen at once.

The game progression was also somewhat non-linear. The first stage select screen (A-G) consisted of branching paths so you could complete stages out of order. For this video, though, I played sequentially.