Donkey Kong 64 Longplay (1/2)

   Mi Canal


Video Details

101% playthrough of Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64, one of my favourite games on the system. This longplay covers everything entailed in getting 101% completion, and I also obtained all the regular bananas just for completion’s sake. Specifically:

- all 201 Golden Bananas
- all 3500 Regular Bananas
- all 40 Blueprints
- all 40 Banana Medals
- all 20 Banana Fairies
- all 10 Battle Crowns
- all 8 Boss Keys
- the Nintendo Coin and Rareware Coin

Time stamps for each world:

18:27 - Jungle Japes (first visit)
54:41 - Angry Aztec (first visit)
2:27:56 - Frantic Factory (complete)
4:08:59 - Jungle Japes (second visit)
4:45:31 - Angry Aztec (second visit)
5:08:32 - Gloomy Galleon (complete)

The reason this longplay is split into two parts is because Youtube seems to have a time limit of 11 hours; I tried uploading the longplay as one video, but it got rejected for being "too long". Sorry if this an inconvenience, but unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about that at this point.

If you have any feedback, or questions about anything related to the video, feel free to leave a comment; I check them frequently and will always respond to questions within 24 hours. Thanks for watching :D