Youda Fairy

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“Fairies unite!”
Gather magical ingredients and summon as many fairies as possible to maintain the balance in an ancient war between the good and evil forces of the kingdom.

For over 1000 years, the old and wise Forest Wizard has kept a watchful eye over the kingdom. Prove yourself as you replace him, taking over all of his tasks that keep this magical place in balance.

Use lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic to create special fairies, teach them all they need to know to protect the villagers and send them towards the right house.

Master your reflexes, wisdom and powerful spells: the kingdom is counting on you.

Harness the power of various spells
Play through all 60 challenging levels
Enjoy magical environments
Earn wand and Lily upgrades as you play
Protect 6 ponds and 4 villages from evil


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