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Splatterhouse Full

Overview Rick and Jennifer, a boyfriend/girlfriend team of parapsychology majors set out to investigate West Mansion, a rumored hotbed of paranormal activity. Urban legends purport that Dr. West involved himself with gruesome, occultist activities. Rushing into the house due to an impending storm, Rick is rendered unconscious only to awaken hours later, transformed by a cursed mask into a powerful, but grotesque hulk. Jennifer is missing, and his newfound strength gives him the wherewithal to search for her in the Splatterhouse. Though his gait is lumbering, Rick can punch, kick, low punch, low kick, and jump punch/kick in rapid succession. Kicking when landing from a jump performs a powerful slide kick. Cleavers, rocks, wrenches, 2x4’s, spears and shotguns can be found to give Rick aid in rendering the hordes of evil into stew while he traverses the seven sometimes branching stages of Hell.

Splatterhouse Full


Categoría: PC Abandoware

Jugado 3592 veces

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