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Monstermind lets you stake your claim on a precious little town and unleash rampaging B-movie monsters against your friends in this awesome real time social strategy game.

"On the back of the award for the Best Online Browser Game at this year’s BAFTA awards it’s just introduced a new campaign mode... If you’re not playing it then surely you just don’t know about it – until now." - G4TV

"Forget passive aggressive Facebook status updates to dig at friends that have irked you and instead lay waste to their town with giant crabs, mutant snails and a 49-and-a-half foot woman." - IGN, 6 of the Best Free-to-Play Games

"It's a heck of an idea, and one that we've had trouble pulling away from long enough to write this post." - Joystiq

"A must play and one of our favourite games from the Eurogamer Expo. Perfect game!" - Yatta Magazine

"The game is a fantastic fast paced real-time game involving themes that gamers love." - Sociolatte