Legacy of a Thousand Suns


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Old rivals bearing powerful technologies have declared war on the Sian Empire. Princess Illaria’s enemies are hunting for her – and if she falls into their clutches the empire will be doomed. Only you can save her now… • Prove your skill as a pilot and warrior by defeating threats across the stars in an epic interstellar adventure. • Gather equipment, from lavish uniforms to imposing battlesuits and see them on your character in all their magnificence. • Battle galactic dictators, cyborgs, aliens, spaceships and other fiendish enemies • Gather your friends, and form an Alliance to wage war against the evil which lurks in the dark reaches of the void. • Participate in World Raids and win amazing loot • Prove that you’re the master of arena combat by becoming the supreme champion of Galaxydome. • Co-Developed with Concept Art House Other features include questing, crafting and collections, daily rewards, profile customization, gifting, achievements, incredible music and more

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