Hero Conquest


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Hero Conquest begins in the vast Concord City. Once a beacon of peace and justice in a dark world, its city streets have become a haven for crime and anarchy, plunged into destruction by the forces of evil. These evil villains and their colossal army of genetically developed minions have used their corrupted power to overtake the helpless people of Concord City.

But hope has come. A band of superheroes named the “Super Six” have come to rescue and redeem Concord City from the overwhelming force of evil that has befallen it. The Super Six possess incredible super powers and the ability to take on the Villians head on, but not alone. Unified in their goal to save the city, they have worked with defense and research departments to contribute their unique genetic makeup and allow for the development of an entire team of heroes that can band together for the good of Concord City.


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