PSX Longplay [183] The Emperor's New Groove

   Mi Canal


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Played by: Jihao

The Emperor's New Groove is a game that details the events of an Emperor named "Kuzco" Kuzco wants to build a
summer getaway resort in a village, completely remodeling the previous fashion of that village. After a run in
with his most trusted professional advisor/scientist/witch regarding her running the palace and playing "Emperor" behind
his back, Kuzco decides to fire her, and in retaliation his now fired advisor tries to poison kuzco, luckily, the "Poison"
does not kill Kuzco, it merely turns him into a llama, now Kuzco must find his way back to Yzma's lab, and with him,
comes the very peasant whom's land he is currently try to remodel, can Kuzco turn back into a human? Or will Yzma and
all her helpers finish him off first?

This game is based on the same movie by Disney, if this game or story interests you, i highly recommend that you watch
the movie, as it is entertaining and i consider it as a classic, oh, and if you have watched the movie, then please be sure
to know that it has a sequel, so understand that.

PS1 platformer game not very difficult, but apprantly done by the same voice actors as the movie... enjoy.