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Calificación:5.0 based on 4 ratings.
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Dia Antildeadido: 2013-05-14   Veces Jugado: 5905
Inspired by the ferocious battle of Verdun that took place in 1916, M2H and Blackmill are proud to present Verdun, a unique online first person shooter set during the First World War. Verdun delivers a dedicated World War 1 shooter experience for the first time. Verdun contains levels that are based on historical locations around the Verdun area such as the Argonne forest, the western front and beyond. In Verdun you will choose to fight in a squad of 4 players. Each player has a specialized role within the squad, offering unique ways of cooperative gameplay in an FPS never seen before. Verdun has a seamless MMO experience. Keep fighting with your squad against a limitless amount of enemies. Earn experience points, level up and gain new abilities. The game modes have been designed to mirror the intensity of trench-warfare. Offering a realistic impression of WWI battles.



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  • avatar
    carlosdaniel (24) - 2013-09-06, 13:54

  • avatar
    rojo02 (368) - 2013-08-30, 08:46
    jojojo como me voy a poner con este juegazo xDD

    No es de comer...Es de matarrrrrrrr

  • avatar
    nene (511) - 2013-08-11, 15:41

  • avatar
    ErenJaeger (145) - 2013-07-27, 09:31
    me gusta mucho

  • avatar
    juaanii (289) - 2013-05-22, 18:43

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