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200 MPH Thunder Road Game

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Dia Antildeadido: 2012-09-22   Veces Jugado: 696
See in game help for detailed instructions. Arrow Keys: Drive C key: Change camera angle Z key: Use nitro X key: Rear view Drive: Accelerate, brake and trun with arrow keys Camera: Press X for rear view, C to change camera Nitro: Press Z to use the nitro boost Temperature: Rises quickly in a slipstream Tires: Gradually deteriorate lap after lap Damage: When damaged, your car slows down Fuel: When exhausted, slowly coast into a pit stop Pit Stop: Restores Nitro, Tires, Damage, Fuel 200 MPH Thunder Road Game


200 MPH Thunder Road Game

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    uttorrent (3644) - 2013-04-14, 20:38
    que buen juego

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