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Falls 3D Box

3-D games, including the most beautiful and the quality of the game as website offer you a new game. With 3-D visuals in the game are trying to reduce the water boxes. Although it may seem like there are some rules to make it quite simple. We are giving dynamite to drop boxes. White boxes falling off the ground by placing dynamite you achieve this. There is a marker in the game. This decisive until you drop the line which says that the boxes. If you can not control the game in the best possible way these boxes are unsuccessful. In addition, there is a certain amount of the number of dynamite. If you use this dynamite boxes can reduce control. If you are unable to perform the placement to all areas in the game you will fail. Sides of the boxes you see on the screen and hold to turn the move with the help of the mouse. Again, place the dynamite and the game play by getting the help of the mouse. After the game, step on the Play button. Pass + points in each chapter can earn. We hope you enjoy this fun game to all of you ..

Falls 3D Box


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