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Mugalon Poker

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Mugalon Poker

Mugalon Poker

Great 3D Poker Tables with real Players in multiplayer mode. Become the Poker King in our Arena. For Beginners and Pros, unlock higher big and small blind tables with our level up system. The help shows you how to play Poker and the best Poker hands from royal straigth flush to high card. Be the governor of your poker team, and play texas hold em rules with friends you meet in game. User one of our funny poker faces for male, female or fantasy appearances like dragon or western style. Have the brain to bluff in the right moment to get a blast of chips. Get on top of our global highscore leaderboard. Live and HD Poker Action now, get your pocket aces now. The odds are on your side. For Ipad, Iphone and Android Smartphone plus Tablets. Tournament Mode will be coming soon!

Dia Añadido: 2013-11-09

Instrucciones: use Mouse, play Poker.

Etiquetas: Poker  cards  governer  arena  Deluxe   hands  odds  en


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